What is De-Chroming?

De-chroming is the process of repainting chrome accents on a vehicle in a different colour (typically black).

This is a popular option on many cars, with manufactures offering an optional ‘black pack’ or ‘black line pack’ to give the desired aesthetic. Thankfully we can complete this to better than manufacture standard, so you do not need to be stuck with your chrome accents forever.

Our de-chrome services are one of the easiest and most effective ways to raise the specification or alter the appearance of your vehicle.

De-chroming using Peelable Paint

Unlike traditional paint, our Peelable Paint sticks directly onto chrome surfaces, preventing the need to sand the panel before application. This allows you to obtain a factory fresh, painted finish that can be removed if needed.

Our Peelable Paint is real paint, sprayed onto the desired surface in the same way as normal paint, through a paint gun. This creates a painted finish that will look identical to that of the factory finish. This can be applied to textured, non textured, plastic, unfinished plastic, chrome and painted surfaces, giving you endless possibilities to change the appearance of your vehicle.

The Perfect finish guaranteed

Once our de-chroming process is complete, this will be indistinguishable from a factory painted panel.

In order to obtain a perfect finish, we remove the chrome aspects from the vehicle before transporting them into our state of the art paint booth to be painted in Peelable Paint. As Peelable Paint contains real paint, it and can be colour matched to any colour in the world or we can create your own bespoke colour entirely. This is available in a gloss, satin or matte finish.

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