What is detailing?

Detailing goes far beyond just giving a car a wash.

As well as removing surface dirt and grime, our extensive detailing process delves deeper beyond the surface, removing swirl marks, scratches and marring to achieve the absolute best look for your paintwork.

Once complete, a perfectly reflective glass like mirror image will be created.

Our detailing process

Find out more about the three main stages involved in our detailing work.

Paint Correction
Our meticulous detailing process begins with a full decontaminate wash of the vehicle to remove dirt and grime present on the surface of the paintwork. The entire vehicle is then clay barred to lift any additional contaminates, ensuring a perfect contaminate free surface is obtained prior to paint correction.
After decontaminating the vehicle, our signature 3 stage paint correction process can be carried out, with care being taken to mask sensitive edges on the vehicle. This process will remove swirl marks, marring, holograms, imperfections and impurities to leave a glass like mirror finish in your paintwork.

To preserve the excellent work that we have carried out, we recommend that we undertake a ceramic coating application after the vehicle is detailed. Ceramic coating will add a beautiful glossy protective guard on-top of the paintwork, which will help to prevent dirt and grime from bonding with the paint. Additionally, the hydrophobic qualities in the coating will make it easier to keep you vehicle clean as the water simply beads off when being washed. Ceramic coating can be applied to the bodywork, windows and wheels of the vehicle.


Prices for a full detail start from £300 + VAT, with an additional cost from £100 + VAT for ceramic coating.

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