Liquid Protection Film

Better Than The Rest

Liquid Protection Film (LPF) offers an enhanced solution to the current market offering of paint protection film.

We are an authorised applicator of the NGENCO Protect system, the world’s first spray-on removable paint protection.

Protection Guaranteed

This system is unlike other products on the market, protect guarantees the ultimate guard for your vehicle without the common flaws associated with paint protection products.

With Protect there are no cuts or tears, no stress marks, no glue residues and no UV yellowing and fading. Protect is the only high gloss or matte, fuel resistant protection system on the market. Designed as a crystal clear, durable and safe method of protecting your paintwork

Invisible, Durable and Safe

Protect is an invisible, durable and safe way to protect your car from scratches, chips, road debris and malicious damage. Available in high gloss and matte, Protect is the only paint protection system on the market that guarantees to guard your pride and joy against the everyday rigours of the road.

As easy to applicate as paint, Protect offers a flexible guard to any part of a vehicle. The front bonnet and grille are the areas most vulnerable to everyday road debris. Protect is applied as a transparent paint, giving a unique flexibility to the smallest detail of a vehicle’s bodywork.

Protect will give you peace of mind

From the moment you drive off the forecourt, your new vehicle is vulnerable to the everyday frustrations that the road throws at you.

With Protect, you will no longer have to fear every little bit of road debris that inevitably impacts on your vehicle. Although Protect can’t prevent the inevitability of having to follow behind the road gritter, the muddy tractor or the rubble-laden builder’s van, it will give you peace of mind, as Protect will prevent any lasting damage to your vehicle’s paintwork and resale value.

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