What is PPF?

Paint protection film (PPF), is a clear layer of protection that is applied on top of your paintwork. This shields the vehicle from stone chips, debris, scuffs, dirt and grime accumulated throughout usage of the vehicle.

PPF can save your vehicle from expensive and time consuming repair work. If light scratches and scuff marks appear on your film, they can simply be polished out, just like normal paint.

Our PPF also adds another layer of gloss to your paintwork, accentuating the metallic content whilst maintaining a perfectly detailed look.

Better Than The Rest

Our Liquid Paint Protection Film (PPF) offers an enhanced solution to the current market offering of vinyl PPF.

Unlike traditional vinyl PPF, we spray this layer of protection onto your vehicle from a paint gun. This is more commonly referred to as Paint Protection Spray (PPS). This offers an inherent number of benefits:

  • The protection can be built up in layers to offer a more protective and thicker shield for your paintwork
  • Liquid PPF bends around panel edges to protect the entirety of the panel, covering the more susceptible areas where vinyl PPF cannot protect
  • A completely invisible layer of protection is created. We guarantee that this will leave no lines, joins or edges between panels
  • The highest level of protection for your pride and joy
  • Self-healing

Protection Guaranteed

Our Liquid PPF is sprayed onto the vehicle to offer the best protection for your investment. This allows us to build up this layer of protection to the desired thickness. As a minimum standard, we ensure this layer of protection is as thick and durable as vinyl PPF. Options to add more protective layers and/or flat and re-lacquer the panel are also available to add additional strength and longevity.

With Liquid PPF there are no cuts or tears, no stress marks, no glue residues and no UV yellowing and fading. Designed as a crystal clear, durable and safe method of protecting your paintwork.

Where to apply PPF

Front end PPF

Our front end PPF covers the most high impact frontal areas on the vehicle. In this package the front bumper, front wings, bonnet, headlights (optional) and wing mirror covers will all be protected.

Price: from £1100 + VAT

Whole car PPF

Our whole car coverage ensures that every body panel on the vehicle is fully protected, giving you complete peace of mind. This includes protection in the inner lip of the wheel arches where vinyl PPF fails to protect.

Price: POA

Bespoke PPF

Each car is unique and has different shaped body panels and areas of high impact. Hence, all of our PPF packages are customisable and you can chose exactly which panels you would like protected on your vehicle.

Price: POA


Unlike vinyl PPF, Liquid PPF is formulated by using a removable membrane in which our thick, strong and flexible lacquer is sprayed on top of. As this form of protection is entirely sprayed onto each panel, it sets itself apart from vinyl PPF as it is the only way to achieve completely invisible full panel protection. 

Due to the sprayed on nature of the product, Liquid PPF does not suffer from the common challenges of vinyl PPF such as large panel sizes and complex vehicle designs. This invisible protection leaves no lines, edges or joins anywhere on your car, not spoiling its beauty in any way. Once applied, a car protected in Liquid PPF looks indistinguishable from a car with no PPF. 

This is the ultimate protection for your vehicle. 

We have worked with manufactures to develop Liquid PPF since 2018. Liquid PPF is a propriety product due to the specially developed formula used, and the application processes. 

Since early adoption, we have integrated well known brands into our product - such as PPG who manufacture paint for Ferrari. In some certain cases, car specific, we also use ceramic lacquer which is self healing and highly scratch resistant. 

As Liquid PPF is sprayed onto the vehicle from a paint gun, we can determine the thickness of the product ourselves. We build the thickness of the product further in more susceptible areas such as the front end and rear quarter panels. 

As a minimum standard, Liquid PPF is 300 microns in thickness. In comparison, vinyl PPF averages 180-210 microns in thickness. 

The product can be made even thicker upon request. 

Liquid PPF is easily removable and peels off in large sheets. Although not essential, heat can be used in some places for easier removal.

Unlike vinyl wraps and vinyl PPF, Liquid PPF does not use glue in its application process. Therefore, no glue residue is left behind during the removal process. This prevents the need to pull at the product during removal, mitigating any potential damage to the factory paintwork underneath. 

Once removed, the paintwork is left in its original condition, with no signs that Liquid PPF was applied. We have removed the product from cars that have been sold through main dealer networks with no issues. 

We offer a removal service for the product and can quote accordingly for this. 

Liquid PPF comes with a 5 year warranty. We guarantee the product against any defects. These include peeling, cracking discolouring and lifting, not caused by normal road use (and excluding track usage).

Once applied, Liquid PPF can be cared for and maintained as normal paintwork. This means that it can be ceramic coated, polished, washed, waxed and cleaned as normal.

Our Liquid PPF will give you peace of mind

From the moment you drive off the forecourt, your new vehicle is vulnerable to the everyday frustrations that the road throws at it.

With PPF, you will no longer have to fear about every bit of road debris that inevitably impacts on your vehicle. Although we cannot prevent the inevitability of having to follow behind the road gritter, the muddy tractor or the rubble-laden builder’s van, our PPF will give you peace of mind as it will prevent any lasting damage to your vehicle’s paintwork and resale value.