What is Logic Paint?

Logic Removable Paint (Peelable Paint) is a product that protects the factory paintwork of your vehicle, whilst changing the way it looks.

Logic Paint is real paint (sprayed onto your vehicle from a paint gun) that peels off. Due to this, we can colour match our paint to any manufactures colour palette, or create your own unique colour entirely.

As Logic Paint is real paint, it can be looked after and cared for in the exact same way. This means it can be ceramic coated, polished, washed and cleaned just like normal paint. The finish can also be flatted and polished as a normal paint process to ensure all marks or damage can be repaired as simply as a normal body type repair.

Logic Paint is easily removed if/when required, and we offer a removal service for this.

Market Leading Finish

During our 12 years of experience in body repair work, we have repainted thousands of vehicles. It makes logical sense to trust paint specialists to carry out this specialist type of paintwork on your pride and joy.

We have now been applying Logic Paint for over 4 years, transforming tens of vehicles from a wide variety of manufactures. Examples of this work can be seen below and in our portfolio.

Over the past 4 years we have developed the product with manufactures through rigorous research and development. Most recently, self healing flexible ceramic lacquer has been added to the formula of our product. Our specially formulated top coat moves and warps to absorb and repel stone chips, mitigating chipping. This highly scratch resistant, strong and durable top coat protects both the new colour as well as your factory paintwork, combining an OEM colour and PPF into one product. 

Perfect Colour Matching

We can paint your vehicle in any colour from any manufactures standard pallet, match our paint to any pre-existing colour in the world, or produce a brand new colour that will be unique to you.

This is available in a gloss, satin or matte finish.

We can also tint exposed carbon fibre in any colour.

Stripes, decals and liveries are also available and can be painted within the lacquer to create a completely seamless finish.


Unlike vinyl wraps, Logic Paint is formulated by using a sprayed on removable membrane which genuine manufacture paint is sprayed on top of. This results in the highest OEM car painted finish, which is also removable.

This sets Logic Paint apart from other vehicle colour changing solutions, such as wraps and plastidip, as it is the only way to achieve a genuine painted finish that is also removable. As genuine manufacture paint is used, we have an unlimited colour palette at our disposal. Once applied, a car protected in Logic Paint looks indistinguishable from a factory painted car. This will be perfectly matched to the manufacture colour and finish - in some cases exceeding it.

We have worked with manufactures to develop Logic Paint since 2018. Logic Paint is a propriety product due to the specially developed formula used, and the application processes.

Since early adoption, we have integrated well known brands into our product - such as PPG who manufacture paint for many vehicle manufactures including Ferrari. In some cases, car specific, we also use ceramic lacquer which is self healing and highly scratch resistant.

As Logic Paint is sprayed onto a vehicle from a paint gun, we can determine the thickness of the product ourselves. We build the thickness of the product further in more susceptible areas such as the front end and rear quarter panels. 

As a minimum standard, Logic Paint is 300 microns in thickness. In comparison, vinyl PPF averages 180-210 microns in thickness. 

The product can be made even thicker upon request. 

Logic Paint has been specially formulated to not require any additional PPF on top of the product. 

It has been rigorously tested to ensure that it is extremely durable and protective to both the new colour and the factory paintwork underneath. To achieve this, Logic Paint contains a flexible top coat that moves and flexes to absorb and repel stone chips, mitigating chipping. This protects both the new colour as well as your factory paintwork, combining an OEM colour change and PPF into one product.

Logic Paint comes with a 5 year warranty. We guarantee the product against any defects. These include peeling, cracking discolouring and lifting, not caused by normal road use and excluding track usage.

Once applied, Logic Paint can be cared for and maintained as normal paintwork. This means that it can be ceramic coated, polished, washed, waxed and cleaned as normal.

Logic Paint is easily removable and peels off in large sheets. Although not essential, heat can be used in some places for easier removal.

Unlike vinyl wraps and vinyl PPF, Logic Paint does not use glue in its application process. Therefore, no glue residue is left behind during the removal process. This prevents the need to pull at the product during removal, mitigating any potential damage to the factory paintwork underneath. 

Once removed, the paintwork is left in its original condition, with no evidence that Logic Paint was applied. We have removed the product from cars that have been sold through main dealer networks with no issues. 

We offer a removal service for the product and can quote accordingly for this. 

Logic Paint will not void your manufacture warranty. This is classified as a ‘temporary colour change’ just like a vinyl wrap, and protects your paintwork as PPF. 

Currently we do not believe there to be a law in place to notify the DVLA of a temporary colour change. This is at the owners discretion and risk. Insurance companies should be notified of this. 


Each Logic Paint application is tailored to you. The price is dependent on your specific vehicle, chosen colour and area of application.

Contact us for a free no obligation quotation to protect and transform your pride and joy into your dream specification.