Bespoke Pinstripes/Lines/Logos

We can hand paint any stripes, lines, bespoke pinstripes or logos onto your vehicle. These bespoke accents will be seamlessly lacquered into the finish.

These accents can be painted on top of Liquid PPF and Peelable Paint, allowing them to be removed if ever desired, or painted directly onto your car. 

All aspects will be completed using manufacture paint. Using our specialist paint matching software we can access any paint colour in the world, colour code to your vehicle, match to a sample, or can tweak and tint colours to make your own colour entirely. The possibilities are endless. 

Whether these accents are used to compliment other colours on your vehicle, or as a bold new colour to give a fresh new look, we will work with you to tailor this to your preference. Each stripe, line, bespoke pinstripe or logo placement can be altered and tailor made to your preference. The level of personalisation is limitless. 

Why not combine this with a Peelable Paint transformation to give your car a completely new look? 

Simply contact us to discuss pricing and options. One of of our team members will contact you and offer their expert advice and help to make your vision a reality.